International MBA Challenge 2012

Nyenrode Business University has just announced the International MBA Challenge 2012. By joining the challenge, you could have a chance to win one of three tuition-fee scholarships worth 32,500 Euros towards an International MBA Degree at Nyenrode Business University in September 2012.

The MBA Challenge  is a web-based competition that looks out for the best prospective International MBA students worldwide.

The competition is open from February 20 until April 1, 2012.  The competition consists of three rounds.

The first round serves as your registration to the competition. It involves you filling up your contact details and  answering the question: ‘How does new technology enhance an MBA career?’

The second round involves completing an assignment given out by the competition organizers. This assignment will determine the 100 finalists for the final round.

The third and final challenge involves pitching yourself in a 2-minute talk in front of a live jury competing with other finalists.

To know more about this challenge, visit the official website.