Reference Guide to MBA Scholarships and Loan Programs of Top Business Schools

The results are out! The best business schools to apply to in 2015 have been identified by different top ranking organizations such as Financial Times, Forbes Magazine, The Economist, QS Top MBA, Businessweek, and Business Insider. To complement this, we have identified the scholarship and loan offerings of the top business schools.

Stanford Graduate School of Business

The Stanford Graduate School of Business offers fellowships funded by individuals, foundations, and corporations. The fellowships are open to both US citizens and international students. Their fellowships are all need-based.  Aside from fellowships, they have other funding for specific programs such as summer and internship programs.

The School through their financial office and in partnership with private lenders also offers loans to US citizens as well as  international students.

Official Scholarship Page of Stanford Business School:

Harvard Business School

Harvard Business School with the help of their alumni and private donors is able to provide fellowships for students who exhibits financial need through the HBS Fellowship Program – which is their primary scholarship program. Their scholarship page identifies other general funding opportunities available for all students of  Harvard University which HBS students can apply for.  They have also identified other fellowship options that are specifically targeted to certain individual/groups. Currently, HBS offers about 10 fellowship programs for both US Citizens and International students.

Most HBS students receive financial aid in the form of loans. HBS facilitates federal loans for US citizens and permanent residents. International students can also obtain private loans as well as loans offered by the Harvard University Employees Credit Union.

Official Scholarship Page of Harvard Business School:

The Wharton School of University of Pennsylvania

The Wharton School offers a number of fellowship opportunities for both US citizens and international students. As of this writing, there are five fellowship programs listed in their scholarship page. All admitted students to Wharton School are automatically considered for Wharton’s fellowship programs. The fellowships are merit-based and the fellowship criteria may include high academic achievement, good leadership skills, and exceptional professional experience.

Wharton does not have its own lending program nor does it endorse any particular lender.  Federal loans is given as a suggestion for US citizens and permanent residents. As for international students, they need a co-signer who is a US citizen or permanent resident in order to be eligible to apply for loans for their studies at Wharton.

Official Scholarship Page of Wharton School:

London Business School

In partnership with different organizations, London Business School is able to offer financing opportunities to their students. A wide range of scholarships are available specifically for MBA students at London Business School. As of this writing, there are about 30+ MBA scholarships and bursaries available for all, for women, for specific nationalities.  The scholarship page also provides links to external funding opportunities.

The London Business School facilitates a variety of loan programs for their students.

Official MBA Scholarship Page of London Business School:

Columbia Business School

Through individual, corporate, foundation donors, the Columbia Business school offers partial and full tuition fees to qualified local and international students. All admitted students are considered for the scholarships. The available scholarships for first-year students are mostly need-based while awards for second-year students are merit-based.  They have 9 major scholarships and over 100+ minor scholarships listed in their scholarship page as of this writing.

Official Scholarship Page of Columbia Business School


INSEAD offers a broad range of MBA scholarships for their students.  The available scholarships are based on different criteria: financial need, merit, nationality, gender, professional background. Currently, they have about 50 scholarships for different target groups listed in their scholarship page. They also partner with Prodigy Finance to offer loans to international students without the need of a cosigner.

Official Scholarship Page of INSEAD:

MIT Sloan School of Management

MIT Sloan offers a number of scholarship awards – about 27 currently listed in their scholarship page. All admitted applicants are considered for scholarships to which they are eligible.

Official Scholarship Page of MIT Sloan School of Management:

IE Business School

The IE Business School have a number of fellowships and scholarship programs as outlined in their scholarship page. Currently, they are implementing the IE Fellows Program wherein admitted students receive funding in exchange for their work on a fellowship project. They have about 30 scholarships targeted to different citizenship, backgrounds, and interests.

The School also facilitates corporate funding and loan agreements with banks.

Official Scholarship Page of IE Business School:

IESE Business School of University of Navarra

IESE Business School offers a limited number of scholarships. IESE offers 7 scholarships of varying amounts of tuition fees targeted to three groups: students from emerging countries, entrepreneurs, and women in business.

Official Scholarship Page of IESE Business School:

HK UST Business School

Various scholarships and awards are offered by HK UST Business School for their full-time MBA program. The School offers both need-based and merit-based scholarships and targeted to students with specific backgrounds and experiences. There are around seven scholarships listed in their scholarship page. They also offer donor-funded scholarships supported by Hong Kong’s companies and organizations.

Official Full-time MBA Scholarship Page of HK UST Business School:

University of Chicago Booth School of Management

Through individual, alumni, corporate and foundation donors, Booth School of Management is able to provide partial and full tuition fee awards for exceptional Full-time MBA students – local or international. They offer 3 kinds of scholarships – merit-based scholarships, Chicago Booth Fellowships and Corporate Fellowships. The school does not offer need-based scholarships.

The School also provides financial aid in the form of loans to both US citizens and international students. They have 4 loan programs for both US citizens and permanent residents. They have loan programs for international students that don’t require a US co-signer.

Official Scholarship Page of Booth School of Management:


IMD offers 8 major scholarship awards for their MBA program amounting to $10,000 – $50,000 targeted to different groups – women, students from developing countries, leaders, etc.

Students who demonstrate financial need may also apply for IMD student loans although there are only a limited number of loans and funds available. The maximum loan amount is around $70,000.

Official Scholarship Page of IMD:

Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley

Haas School of business offers a significant number of scholarship opportunities for their MBA programs. They offer a wide variety of both merit-based and need-based scholarships. The School also facilitates loans for their students – federal loans and private loans.  They also have loan programs for international students that don’t require a cosigner.

Official Scholarship Page of Haas School of Business:

Duke Fuqua School of Business

The Fuqua School of Business offers a variety of financial assistance programs to their students. These include merit scholarships, internships, fellowships, corporate-sponsored scholarships, named scholarships.  All admitted students are considered for merit-scholarships and can receive partial to full tuition fee reductions for the 2-year program. They also have scholarships dedicated for minority students.

They offer federal and private loans to US citizens and international student loans without a cosigner for international students.

Official Scholarship Page of Fuqua School of Business:

Kellogg School of Management

As part of their financial assistance program, the Kellogg School of Management offers merit-based scholarships, merit/need-based scholarships/grants, and low-interest loans. The scholarships range from partial to full tuition fee discount and cash grants. They’ve listed 6 merit-based scholarships as well as 4 second-year scholarships on their page.

Official Scholarship Page of Kellogg School of Management:

NYU Stern

In their scholarship page, NYU Stern highlights the fact that 30-40% of admitted students of the full time MBA program are awarded with merit-based scholarships. All admitted students are considered for the merit-based scholarships. They outlined 9 merit-based scholarships and 3 fellowship opportunities. They also have donor-funded scholarships for 2nd year students who are automatically considered for the scholarships.

Stern also offers a number of loan programs for both domestic and international students.

Official Scholarship Page of NYU Stern: