Harvard Business School Need-Based MBA Fellowships

Harvard Business School | Harvard University
Funder: HBS alumni and friends
Programme: Full-time MBA
Study in: Boston, USA
Number of Awards: open
Next Deadline: 6 January 2016

Scholarship Value:  varies (average of $32,000 per year)

All Full-Time MBA program candidates.

Scholarship Criteria:
This award is given based on an analysis of you/your spouse’s income for the prior three years and your assets that are greater than $100,000. Nearly 50% of the class receives an average of approximately $32,000 per year in need-based fellowships. Loans are factored into the average amount received.

Application instructions:
Instructions will be given after admission into a program.

Application Deadline:

→ Round 1: 9 September 2015
→ Round 2: 6 January 2016
→ Round 3: 4 April 2016

Website: Harvard Business School Need-Based MBA Fellowships