Macquarie WiMBA 100 Scholarships for Women

School of Managment | Macquarie University
Funder: MGSM
Programme: Full-Time MBA
Study in: Australia
Number of Awards: 100
Next Deadline: 1 December 2015

Scholarship Value: employer match of up to 50% tuition

Applicants who already have applied to the Full-Time MBA program.

Scholarship Criteria:
Three key components of the offer are:

  • Financial – MGSM will match the contribution of the corporate partner dollar for dollar (up to 50 per cent). In order to qualify, the corporate partner must contribute a minimum of $10,000 (15 per cent of total program cost) per nominated recipient.
  • On-the-ground – the employer will provide practical support to enable the recipient to attend class, undertake additional study and group work and complete assignments.
  • Guidance and advice – the employer will pair recipients with in house mentors/sponsors to provide them with guidance, support and advice throughout their MBA program and also in helping them to develop their post-MBA career pathway.

Application instructions:
If you are interested in a Women in MBA partnership program, your employer must first agree to support you by contributing between 15-50 per cent towards the cost of completing the MBA. Your employer must also outline your leadership potential within the organisation and make a case for supporting you through the WiMBA program.

Application Deadline:

→ Term 4 2015 : 4 September 2015
→ Term 1 2016 : 1 December 2015
→ Term 2 2016 : 18 March 2016
→ Term 3 2016 : 10 June 2016

Website:  Macquarie WiMBA Scholarships at Macquarie University