Leo S. Rowe Pan American Fund – MBA Loan

Any Accredited American School
Funder: Leo Stanton Rowe
Programme: Any MBA program
Study in: U.S.
Number of Awards: open
Next Deadline: open

Scholarship Value: interest-free loan of up to $15,000 USD.

Any international student already accepted into an accredited university or institution in the United
States is eligible to receive loans from the Rowe Fund. Eligible applicants must be citizens of a
Latin American or Caribbean OAS member country. Candidates must be able to successfully complete the studies or research for which the loan is being requested within a maximum of two years. One condition of the disbursement of the loan shall be the student’s possession of a visa allowing them to study full-time in the United States. This loan will be interest-free for two years. The beneficiary must agree to repay the loan in full and return to his or her country of origin in order to further enable intercultural exchange and socioeconomic development in the region.

Scholarship Criteria:
This loan requires a guarantor:

  • Preferably a person who is either a citizen or a permanent resident of the United States. Please visit our Website for additional information and for the Guarantor’s Agreement form.
  • Certified Deposit (CD) or direct deposit in the OAS Staff Federal Credit Union (OASFCU)- A person that has the amount requested by the prospective applicant may deposit that amount in a CD or savings account in the OAS Staff Federal Credit Union. The money invested in the CD plus the interest gained may be withdrawn once the beneficiary pays the loan. Please Visit our Website for more information about opening a CD or direct deposit in the OASFCU.
  • Institution or other mechanism accepted as guaranty – For instance, this may be a reputable institution that provides adequate security to guaranty an individual, usually an employee or prospective employee of that institution, which is able and willing to co-sign as the Guarantor. Please visit our Website for more information regarding the different methods to guarantee a Rowe Fund loan.

Application Instructions:
You may apply for a Rowe Fund loan at any time. A second loan may be applied for. Read the FAQS here.

Application Deadline:

Website: Leo S Rowe Pan American Fund for MBA Studies