MBA Scholarships for Entrepreneurs

MBA Scholarships for EntrepreneursPlenty of business schools want to give entrepreneurs a head start by offering MBA scholarships to their MBA programs. Some even offer contests to foster such innovation after you’ve already enrolled (Harvard’s New Ventures competition). Here’s a list of over two dozen MBA scholarships offered at top Business Schools for entrepreneurs wanting to pursue an MBA program:

Anderson School of Business | UCLA
We start off with the Harold and Pauline Price Center for Entrepreneurial Studies at Anderson School. The school is all about entrepreneurial education and research, offering six fellowships for the entrepreneur in you. The fellowships and awards offer varying degrees of support, and may include living stipend, a monthly salary, and internships.

Haas | Berkeley
Haas Business School offers four fellowship programs for the entrepreneur. Some require that you have already launched a company, while others just require a solid idea and plan. Scholarships are also rewarded for supporting the entrepreneurial environment at UC Berkeley, regardless of whether or not you have plans to start your own company.

Said | Oxford University
Said Business school offers the Skoll Scholarship for those who pursue entrepreneurial solutions for social and environmental challenges. The award comes with tuition and networking opportunities.

Booth | University of Chicago
Chicago Booth Business school offers the Herman Family Fellowship to advance the interests of women in entrepreneurship. Recipients will join the Herman Family Fellows and have an opportunity to participate in yearly reunions hosted by the Hermans and the Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship.

Columbia Business School
Columbia Business school offers the Paul Ferri Scholarship to talented Italian entrepreneurs and individuals with demonstrated financial need who show aptitude as future innovators and who possess passion and vision in the field of technology. The Ferri Scholarship partially covers tuition costs for one year and is renewable for the second year of study provided strong academic standards are achieved.

London Business School
London Business school offers the Entrepreneurship Scholarship for those who have set up or have been working in entrepreneurial ventures, or those who plan to after the MBA. It’s expected that the recipient of this award will pursue an entrepreneurial route in their studies, (applying for the Entrepreneurship Summer School) and contribute to The School’s Entrepreneurs.

The endowed Andy Burgess Scholarship Fund for Social Entrepreneurship at INSEAD started in 2005 and provides one scholarship per year for each January class. Candidates are expected to demonstrate involvement with financially viable and socially responsible projects.

Sauder | University of British Columbia
Sauder Business School offers three scholarships for the entrepreneur- the Responsible Business & Community Spirit scholarship for the socially responsible entrepreneur, the New Venture scholarship for those interested in starting ventures, and the Schulich Fellowship for those with entrepreneurial achievement or potential.

IESE offers the Scholarship for Entrepreneurs, sponsored in part by Mitsubishi Electric, that is aware of the importance of innovation and development.

Mccombs | University of Texas
Texas Venture Labs at the University of Texas (Austin Campus) is dedicated to advancing entrepreneurship, innovation, and commercialization by providing direct links to the local entrepreneurial ecosystem. The TVL Scholarship offers tuition, money, and consideration for various venture opportunities.

The Entrepreneurial Impact Scholarship at Hult International Business School is for professionals who have at least two years of professional experience and have played a key role in terms of involvement, leadership, and outcome of an entrepreneurial project, or for candidates who have launched their own IPO.

Olin | Babson College
The Price Babson MBA Fellowship at Olin Business School offers a full-tuition award based on entrepreneurial experience, academic and personal accomplishments, and financial need. The Hamilton MBA scholarship awards $10,000 per year for those with entrepreneurial experience.

Stanford Graduate School
The Entrepreneurial Summer Program (“ESP”) at Stanford Graduate School is designed to offer students an experiential learning opportunity that affords deep insight into the day-to-day activities of an early-stage company. This program lasts between 8 – 10 weeks and is a paid internship.

Sloan | MIT
Sloan Management offers several fellowships for the entrepreur. The Gert & Daisy Daniel fellowship offers finacial support for those working in entrepreneurship or new product development at MIT Sloan. The Legatum fellowship is for those with potential to create innovative, sustainable, for-profit enterprises that promote prosperity in low-income countries. The Verma Family fellowship is for U.S. citizens, U.S. Nationals, or citizens of India, with preference for students with a background in technology.

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