Brian Maxwell MBA Fellowship at Haas School of Business

Haas | University of California Berkeley
Funder: Haas
Programme: Full-time MBA
Study in: U.S.
Number of Awards: up to 2
Next Deadline: reopens April 2016

Scholarship Value: $55,000 per annum ($110,000 total)


All full-time admitted MBA candidates.

Scholarship Criteria:
All admitted full-time candidates demonstrating determination, persistence, passion, optimism, courage, fearlessness, strength, creativity, generosity, humility, and peace.

Application instructions:
A personal statement must be submitted, answering the following questions (500 words per each question):

  • How would you benefit from receiving this fellowship?
  • One of Brian’s memorable quotes was “Conquer yourself, live your passions, innovate and make a difference.” If you could have had a conversation with Brian, What would you have discussed?
  • What makes you an innovator, an entrepreneur? What has inspired you to pursue this path?

Application Deadline:

→ 8 April 2015

Website: Brian Maxwell MBA Fellowship at Haas School of Business
link to funder: Brian Maxwell Foundation